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Reinventing The Wheel - alloy wheel repair specialists

Are your wheels victims of chips, scuffs, scrapes or kerb damage? Do your wheels spoil the overall appearance of your car? If so, Reinventing The Wheel can help. Our revolutionary new service for refurbishing alloy wheels is faster, more effective, longer lasting and lower cost than traditional alloy wheel repairs.

Until now the only way to repair alloy wheels was either to get a quick, short-term spot repair OR get a conventional bodyshop to do the repair. This involved removing the wheels and tyres, doing the repair, and then refitting the tyres, new valves and rebalancing the wheels - all at considerably more expense and inconvenience than our alloy wheel repair service.

Our alloy wheel repair specialists use a revolutionary approach to repairing and refurbishing alloy wheels, which reduces traditional wheel repair costs - and it takes a fraction of the time to do the job. Once we've given you a quote and agreed an appointment, just bring the car into our specialist workshop where we'll do the repair within 1-2 days.

At Reinventing The Wheel we pride ourselves on supplying value for money, quality workmanship and efficiency. Whether you own a Ferrari or a Focus, a classic car or a customised car, our alloy wheel repair specialists can provide a convenient and cost effective solution for repairing your damaged wheels.

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