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Split Rim Rebuilds

At Reinventing The Wheel we offer complete repair and refurb services for split rim rebuilds in our state of art workshops, using the latest alloy wheel repair processes. The extent of damage to the wheel will determine the type of repair required and the time taken:

  1. Minor refurbishment to the rims can normally be completed in one day
  2. More serious damage will require removal of the bolts and inner drum
  3. Full wheel refurbishment including the centres may take 3-5 days. With full split rim rebuilds the wheel is removed and the tyre deflated. The bolts are then removed and the wheels split to allow the repairs to be carried out to the outer rim and inner drum. The wheels are then repaired, finished and painted as required, including colour coded centres.

A wheel exchange service is also available for Bentley drivers on the UK mainland.
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To assess the level of wheel repair required we will need to see the vehicle. Contact your local Reinventing The Wheel alloy wheel repair specialist for more details and to arrange an free assessment.

For more information contact your local alloy wheel repair specialist:
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