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Alloy Wheel Polishing & Wheel Finishes

The full alloy wheel refurbishment process involves repairing, re-priming, painting and finally clear coating or lacquering to ensure both the durability and longevity of the finish.

Throughout the process only the highest quality products are used and all paint is colour matched to the manufacturers’ original finish. Alternatively, colour coding and custom colours are available to dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle.

Our unique solution for repairing wheels has been embraced enthusiastically by both car owners and local car dealerships who previously had to compromise either on quality or on speed of service.

Alloy Wheel Polishing / Diamond Cutting For Wheels
Paint match to manufacturers finish
Alloy Wheel Painting - wet coat
Alloy Wheel powder coating
Rim Repairs and full face repairs - wet coat
Full refurbishment from bare aluminium - durable powder coating or a wet paint and powder combination
Comprehensive range of custom wheel colours & special finishes available
Clear coat / lacquer wheel finish

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